BALLET LEVEL 1 ( Ages 15+ / Younger by interview )

This class focuses heavily on building a foundation of dance technique, alignment, precision and execution. Ballet is the framework for all other dance techniques and will compliment all other movement practices, including circus skills. Class includes ballet barre, center and across the floor vocabulary. Dancers will advance their lines, grace, turn out, length and flexibility in this class, allowing the students to increase their strength and grace.

All levels welcome!

MODERN DANCE ( Ages 15+ / younger by interview )


Fusing the techniques of Lester Horton, Martha Graham, Jose Limón and release technique, students will learn the foundation of modern dance technique including contractions and release, off-center balances and suspension, floor work, as well as learn movement combinations. Students will not only improve their movement quality but also their sense of musicality and self expression.

MODERN/JAZZ/CONTEMPORARY (Ages 15+ / younger by interview)

Hybrid dance class of ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary techniques. Class begins with a warm up, and floor-work, and isolations and progresses to across the floor movements and dance phrases.

DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY ( Ages 15+ / younger by interview )

This class is dedicated to practice of memorizing choreography as well as personal expression in movement. In this class, students will be taken through a brief floor and center warm up, followed by a versatile dance combination that stimulates both the mind and body. After students have had the chance to process the dance phrase, they will be encouraged to add their own expression and variation to the combination. This will improve the student’s ability to transition more seamlessly in their circus acts.

Students do not need previous dance training, and they should expect to experience a variety of styles over the course of the semester.

NOTE: Age and skill level requirements may be open or subject to change based on a student’s maturity and/or skill level. If you have any questions about the appropriate class for your child, please contact the front desk, or / (619) 487-1239.

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