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San Diego Circus Center

Welcome to the San Diego Circus Center, where you can experience world class circus training in San Diego. Through our classes and performances, students can go on a journey that will let them experience the magic of the circus. We train and develop our students in a safe, professional environment, allowing them to reach their full potential and gain the confidence and skills of 
a professional performer.

We offer classes of varying intensity levels for all age groups, each focusing on a different skill or apparatus.


Promoting circus arts and culture through high quality training in San Diego.

Jean-Luc Martin

Founder & Executive Director

Teaching circus skills involves developing the correct system of training for each individual or group. I have been very fortunate to have learned the technical skill of disciplines from masters in the circus industry. My teachers (Master Lu Yi, Sasha Moiseev, Boris Verkhovsky) are a very integral part of my teaching process. I am patient in my teaching, and I thoroughly enjoy guiding my students in achieving their goals. Having said that, I do expect my students to challenge themselves each and every day!

Proud Member of ACE


Proud Member of AYCO