Youth Preparatory

PREPARATORY PROGRAM ( Age 15-24 years )

September 7, 2017 – May 26, 2018

San Diego Circus Center offers a PREPARATORY TRAINING PROGRAM for students age 15 to 24. The Preparatory Program is a NINE MONTH course during the standard academic school year.

This program is designed to develop a solid base from which the student can advance in order to reach goals that are not limited to, but include, auditioning for ENC, ESAC, CNAC, ECQ, CODARTS*, and building the student’s strength and technique to become a well-rounded performer and athlete. Students will also participate in our seasonal shows.
The Preparatory Program’s focus is split into four categories: aerial, floor, acting, and dance, which are all essential to being a well rounded performer. All students will participate in core classes as a group as well as specialty and private classes per their specific goals.

The students will have the opportunity to be a part of development, creation and execution both on and off stage for our semester show and other opportunities.

Preparatory Program students are also offered the option of enrolling in our weekday afternoon Masters Program, which includes open gym, 1 hour of dance and a Master class, which is a daily (Mon-Fri) two-hour concentrated program in your discipline, in order to train and advance from your Preparatory classes.

Ages 15-24
The availability to commit to consistency and focus to all hours of program
Accepted application: CLICK HERE

The Preparatory Program includes classes in the four foundational categories of aerial, floor, acting/clowning and dance.
In addition to classes led by our Program Leaders, we will also have recurring guest workshop teachers each month, working with our students and Program Leaders to compliment each student’s high-caliber training program.
Guest Workshop teachers:

  • Kylee Moats – Straps, Lyra, Silks, Choreography, Flexibility
  • Carly Sheridan – Straps, Trapeze, Duo Trapeze, Lyra, Flexibility, Injury Prevention, Rope, Chinese Pole
  • Ivan Dotsenko – Duo Trapeze, Chinese Pole, Artistic Acrobatics
  • Joe Pinzone – Silks, Dance Trapeze, Choreography
  • Rachel Walker – Trapeze, Swinging Trapeze, Duo Trapeze, Silks, Flexibility, Lyra
  • Arthur Davis – Acrosport, Choreography
  • Others TBA

Program Leaders:

  • Program Director Jean Luc Martin – Handstands, Hand to Hand, Russian Bar, Teeterboard, Korean Cradle, Clowning, Manipulation, Juggling, Conditioning
  • Dance Director Courtney Giannone – Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Dance Partnering, Choreography, Gyrokinesis, Cyr Wheel
  • Derrick Gilday – Clowning
  • Faegann Harlow – Straps, Silks, Rope, Trapeze, Conditioning
  • Jessica Avila – Flexibility, Trapeze, Lyra
  • Rochelle Berwick – Flexibility
  • Devon Holt – Tumbling, Wall Trampoline, Trampoline
  • Ehrick Costello – Chinese Pole
  • Anastassia Dobrynina – Tumbling, Trampoline
  • Others TBA

Approx. 15.5 hours/week of programming
FInal schedule TBD; Approx. 5-8pm Mon-Fri, Saturday 10am-3pm


  • $900/month
  • Approx. 37 hours/week: Includes afternoon Masters & Specialty classes in addition to the Preparatory Program classes
  • Final schedule TBD
    • Mon- Fri
      • Approx. 12:30-5pm (with break) Master & Specialty classes
      • Approx 5-8pm Preparatory classes
    • Saturday: Approx. 10am-3pm

If you or your young adult feels that they are ready and interested in such a program, please do not hesitate to apply here.

Payment links:

If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out to Jean-Luc Martin at or 619-487-1239.

ENC: Ecole Nationale de Cirque
ESAC: Superior School of Circus Arts
CNAC: Center National des Arts du Cirque
QEC: L’Ecole de Cirque de Quebec
CODARTS: Codarts Rotterdam University of the Arts

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