Flexibility & Movement


In this class students will work toward achieving their left/ right front splits as well as their forward straddle fold or full straddle split (centers). Using passive and active flexibility techniques we will work toward safely opening hips, hamstrings and quads for easy relaxed splits.


In this class students will use active flexibility techniques and conditioning to safely increase range of motion in the neck, shoulders and middle back. Emphasis will be placed on strengthening the back and avoiding low back stress. Students will explore variations in bridge pose, elbow bridge and forearm balances.

FLEXIBILITY ( Ages 13+ )

This class is open to all levels. Students will choose a splits or back bend workout and be able to go through it their own pace. Instructor will provide proper conditioning and warm up exercises for each drill and can provide spotting or modifications as needed.


In this class students will focus on advanced conditioning and flexibility drills to keep the body safe while exploring advanced flexibility techniques as well as partner stretching and prop stretches (chair, wall, rope and block stretches). Acrobatic tumbling, rhythmic gymnastic and dance stretches will be used to enhance lines and safely build strength for intense poses.


This class is a workout! Active flexibility is 50% stretch, and 50% strength. Exercises will focus on building strength to improve your standing and inverted splits. Active stretching readies your shoulders, hips, core and limbs for action in all directions, and protects your joints against injury from sudden uncontrolled movement. The sheer physical effort it requires also warms the muscles you’re stretching, so passive stretches will also be incorporated.

GYROKINESIS ( Ages 13+ )

This class is dedicated to each student’s independent needs in order to improve their overall flexibility and coordination. With heavy emphasis on isometric exercise, eccentric muscle training (strengthening muscle in its length vs contracted/shortening), and the GYROKINESIS method, which is a movement method that greatly increases range of motion with active movement, this method creates functional strength through rhythmic breathing, and flowing movement sequences.

NOTE: Age and skill level requirements may be open or subject to change based on a student’s maturity and/or skill level. If you have any questions about the appropriate class for your child, please contact the front desk, or info@sandiegocircuscenter.org / (619) 487-1239.

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