What is a Circus Family? That question could have a long answer … Trust, working together, inspiring and believing in each other, teamwork, patience, honesty and more.


As I am writing this blog I am thinking what is one word that circus family means to me/Jean-Luc. TRUST! In circus we fail and experiment all the time while we learn a new move or trick. Sometimes we fail by ourselves or as a group or even as a company, but that is part of the process, part of life, the circus life. If we did not fail then how would we succeed and if we did not trust our peers or leaders in this process then we become wounded. There are so many times in my circus career that I would just take a deep breath and trust that I would have the support of the group, of my family and I call it finding magic because I tried, and tried, and tried and when I made the trick it was because of the family support. We have to remember that we are all created differently and therefor some movements are easier for some while more difficult for others AND if we support each other we can ALL succeed.


Before one of our La Jolla Art & Wine rehearsals someĀ of the moms brought the kids together to remind us of what a magical moment in life we are at right now. THANK YOU MOMS! AND, Thank you Ines and Julia for leading the group. Because of our rehearsal and schedule many of our students could not attend but are family .. circus family.